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We have been in the business of selling and servicing home style vacuum packers longer than anyone in the field. You can visit our main website at for a complete selection of machines for purchase.


Foodsaver was without a doubt the world's leader in making the vacuum packing industry a household word.  My first experience was a suitcase on my kitchen counter and a machine the world had yet to see.  No one had a name for it.  


The bags were a big question mark.  We were provided with 2 different sheets of plastic, about 3 feet square; one had little bumps and grooves on one side and the other was just flat on both sides.  Just heat seal some together and make a little pouch... well not quite as simple as described and after a little experimenting and a few phone calls we were starting to get the gist of what was to be, in my mind, the product of the century.  An affordable small kitchen sized machine that would remove food's biggest enemy, oxygen.  All of the sudden freezer burn was a thing of the past, leftovers did not get moldy, all the things in the pantry did not get stale.  What an incredible invention!  What should we call it?  


Back in the day the machines were built with longevity in mind and there are still some of the very first machines in service today.  If you own some of these early models it is my hope that these pages will help you keep them running.





If we sold you a machine, we are dedicated to keeping that machine in good working order. We have always had the notion that service after the sale is a most important part of the sale.
Most models of Foodsaver Vacuum Packers can be repaired if they were built in Italy before 1993, These same machines now carry the name Magicvac. If you are not sure you have a Foodsaver of this vintage, simply look on the bottom of the machine and find the words F.L.A.E.M.NOUVA.
If your Foodsaver or Magicvac machine is not acting the way you think it should, there may be something you can do to improve its performance.



Look at section "Repair your older machine " you may find the part or the information you need to do your own repairs.
If all else fails you can send the machine to us for repair.


If you have a Foodsaver or Magicvac machine. One that is pictured here, we may have some helpful tricks. Click on the picture that looks most like your machine for some help. It is our hope that these pages will be useful, and may save a trip to the shop. Thanks for visiting this site.

If you have more questions we have answers, so please contact us at


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