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Nozzle Style Machines

        All of these machines are the same machine. They have different names, the same features, and parts are interchangeable.

Of all the machines that have ever been built, these are the ones that lend themselves to home repair. While some of the repairs seem to be complex, they are in fact simple. So be brave! Give it a try! and if you don't have any luck, then send it in, we can fix it! (With very few exceptions.) :-))

Understanding the machine:

How it works: This system has a nozzle that sits inside the bag. A set of clamps (pads) seal the bag shut, so you don't allow fresh air into the bag while you are pulling the existing air out. The top pad also pushes down on the nozzle, that drops a sump, (or chamber) designed to collect liquids, on the bottom plug. The plug seals the bottom of the chamber, so the air gets pulled out through the nozzle and empties the bag.

  • If your machine is not vacuuming the bags and it does jars fine:
  • Make sure the bag is not too far on the nozzle (the less the better) and then....
  • This is also sometimes caused by the pads getting crushed down, and or a simple matter of a pad that is so old, that it does not seal up the bag anymore. Don't crush the pads keep the machine in the "at rest" position when you are not using it.
  • Test to see if the bag side is working, pull the nozzel out, start the pump using the "start switch" with a pen or pencil or the corner of the nozzel. Then cover nozzel neck with your thumb and push down enough to connect with the bottom plug. It should suck! If it does not... I think you better send it in

Things to try if your pump is working:

  • If the pump is working the first thing to look at is the bottom plug. Make sure it is clean and shinny, grease it up with some vasolene. Then look at the top pad. What you are looking for is an impression of the nozzel, not just a smooth rolling place for the nozzel. But an impression that looks like the nozzel has formed a square in the pad. This will happen if the machine was stored in its working position, and not placed in its resting position (with its feet up). If you have a square imperssion, you will need a new pad set soon, if not sooner. Try to revive the pad with a silicone lubricant for rubber. That stuff you use on the dash board of your car, or the silicone that skin divers spray on the inside of their wet suites to keep them supple. Do not use the silicone spray cans for metal parts, they have stuff in them that is not kind to rubber gaskets. Go over the pads lightly with an old tooth brush to clean them, and skuff the surface a little. Don't get wild remember that this pad is used to seal the bag.
  • If it still does not suck, it is possible to reach around the back of the machine, and give the nozzel a little help with your fingers.
  • If that does not work look at the bottom plug again, make sure it is clean. This gasket has a beavel. You can fluff it out by working a blunt knife, like a butter knife, or a finger nail, around the underside to flair it out. This plug is going to seal the bottom of the sump, so air will get drawn through the nozzel, it still must release from the sump to drain any fluid that you collect while vacuum packing.

Most of these things are a clean and lube issue.

  • It is not pulling air and the pump sounds funny:
  • The gage that tells me when it is ready to seal does not go to green:
  • I didn't clean it last time and now it doesn't suck so good:

Things to try if the pump is not working:

  • These machines were designed with the idea that, you would suck something into them. So to clean them you can flush fluid through them. The most direct route to the pump is through the jar port. Start with a warm glass of water, and let the machine have short drinks of water. If it just is not thirsty force it, use your jar sealer hose and the turkey baster that you never use, and pump some water into the pump. After you have flushed the works out, a little "silicone chaser" is just the thing to lube the inside of your pump and the slider valve. Use the silicone lubricant for rubber, that stuff you use on the dash board of your car, or the silicone that skin divers spray on the inside of their wet suites to keep them supple. Do not use the spray cans of silicone for metal parts they have stuff in them that is not kind to rubber gaskets. And please think of this stuff as a lube and remember not to use so much! ... If that don't work ... send it in.
  • We do have Reconditioned machines if yous is just to tired to go on, call and see what we have.       

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Useful parts for these machines

17.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

The pad set is the one most important part of these machines if these are not in good shape your machine will not function. Crushed or dirty pads leak air!
A Pad Set is to keep the air from coming in the bag while you are pulling the air out.

6.25 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Fits inside the Liquid Seperator Housing.

9.25 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Liquid Seporator Housing traps the liquid under the nozzel and works as a sump to protect the pump.

12.95 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Piston fits all Nozzel style machines.


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